Air Conditioner Repair in Sea Girt Causes and How to Avoid Them


Air conditioners can break or have problems despite the best care. However, maintaining your air conditioner in good working condition is important. The overall status of the unit can easily be reflected in your energy bills and your service repair bills. A well-maintained air conditioner should only cost one bill a year. This is because the best way to avoid air conditioner repair Sea Girt is to schedule a regular inspection by a reliable company like Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning.  Aside from the things a homeowner can do to take better care of the HVAC system, nothing can replace a professional cleaning and inspection. An experienced technician can diagnose and repair minor infractions before they become major problems. That said, the better condition you keep the machines in, the less expensive even those yearly visits will be.

The Problem: Air Conditioner is Having Trouble Maintaining Temperature

If you notice that the a/c is kicking on almost immediately after having turned off or that it is not turning off at all, there may be an issue with the airflow in your system. One main reason for this could be a clogged air filter.

The Solution: Change or Clean the Air Filter

Depending on the type of filter and the home itself, it is common to need to change the filter every three months. If on the off chance you have a washable filter, be sure to follow all the directions on the cleaning and drying process before replacing it back into your unit.

The Problem: The Temperature Isn’t Cooling

The air conditioner should not be running all the time. It should be able to efficiently reach the desired temperature and then be able to be off for a significant amount of time. When this is not the case, the air flow could be blocked at the outdoor portion of your HVAC system.

The Solution: Maintain the Condenser Unit or Call for Air Conditioner Repair Sea Girt

Air conditioner repair in Sea Girt can be avoided by keeping your condenser as well maintened as this one with bushes trimmed well away from the unit

You need to maintain good air flow in the internal structure of an HVAC system. However, the outdoor portion known as the condenser, also needs to be taken care of. Homeowners should be sure that no bushes have overgrown around the fan, that the fan is not clogged with leaves and other tree debris, and that there is adequate space on all sides for air to move through the unit.

The Problem: A/C Running for Longer than Normal

When the air conditioner is blowing air, but is unable to cool the home, there may be a serious issue. If this symptom is ignored, the likely alternate ending is complete system failure. What this could be indicative of is a refrigerant leak and this needs to be addressed by a professional immediately.

The Solution: Call for Air Conditioner repair in Sea Girt

Anytime a refrigerant leak is suspected, an experienced company in air conditioner repair in Sea Girt should be called. One item to be aware of is that a fix of just adding more refrigerant is not a suitable repair. Homeowners should be wary of repair companies that want to do this rather than find out why it is empty.

The Problem: Your Energy Bills are Higher than They Should Be

Sometimes, it might seem like you constantly have to lower the air conditioner to keep your home cool. This will easily be detected in your energy bills. If there has been no extreme change in weather, but you are seeing a marked increase in your energy bills, you may want to check your thermostat.

The Solution: Check the Thermostat

First, make sure it has working batteries. Many homeowners forget about these batteries. It is a good idea to change them along with the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Secondly, be sure you are not making your system work too hard. It can be tempting to set your a/c as low as possible to get your home chilly on a hot day. But all this does is overwork the system. Lastly, ensure the thermostat is not installed in direct sunlight, by hot appliances, or right over vent. Improper placement can affect your air conditioner efficiency greatly.

No Matter What the Problem, The Solution is to Call Your Air Conditioner Repair in Sea Girt Technician

Air conditioner repair in Sea Girt technician shown working on condenser outside

Most people will have noticed that most symptoms of HVAC problems are very similar. This is why it is so important to have a good relationship with an experienced air conditioner repair Sea Girt company. With a little home maintenance and the occasional visit from your favorite repair technician, there is not reason that an HVAC system should not be able to function well for decades. Plus, when a homeowner has a repair worker they can trust, they are more likely to call with questions and potential problems rather than letting them slide and ignoring them. Any step to take better care of your HVAC system should be taken.

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