Evolution Seed is a Winning Product


A common suburban dream is a lush, green, healthy lawn. Many homeowners used to achieve this dream with the use of toxic chemicals. While these products may provide a certain degree of satisfaction, the long-term side-effects of the use of these products is largely detrimental. Chemicals and toxins deplete the soil of beneficial nutrients. The more landscapers that use these noxious items, the worse the condition of soil all over. However, the opposite is also true. The industry of organic gardening is constantly growing. More and more products are available at affordable making them accessible to everyone. When it comes to lawns, Evolution seed is a winning product that can easily be purchased by suppliers like Tech Terra Environmental. Companies like them are bringing safe, effective planet-friendly products to everyone.

Certifications That Make Evolution Seed a Stand-Out

When it comes to organic gardening products, it is often what is not included that is noteworthy. Many green landscaping products include a variety of labels touting the lack of toxic substances and genetically modified organisms inside. Other stickers verify that the product is what it says it is. Let’s take a look at some of the labels that can be found on Evolution Seed:

Blue Tag

Grass seed with Blue Tag Certification means that the seed contained in that bag has been examined and is confirmed to be what is stated on the label. It does not guarantee anything, however, when it comes to the quality of the product. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to tell the quality a little later on in this article. Environmentally friendly products can be a bit more expensive than other items. This is what makes the Blue Tag so important. If you are going to be paying for organic grass seed, you want an assurance that you are getting what you are paying for.  

A-LIST Certified

The Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help landscapers choose seeds that are less harmful to the environment. In order for a grass seed to be certified by the A-LIST, it must be drought tolerant, need less watering, require reduced input assistance, and be sustainable. Evolution Seed boasts A-LIST approved seeds inside every bag. Just another reason why Evolution Seed is a winning product.


Choosing non-GMO products goes way beyond food. According to the website, “The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization offering rigorous product verification and trustworthy education that empowers people to care for themselves, the planet, and future generations.” Along with the food and farming industry, this organization evaluate products in categories like body care, textiles, pet products, and planting seed. Using non-GMO products is essential for anyone trying to do what is best for themselves and the planet.

Evolution Seed is a Magic Blend

For landscape managers, turf care operators, and knowledgeable homeowners, using a grass seed that contains more than one type of grass is the only choice. Using a blend gives the grass a better chance at germination and weed defense. The blend found in Evolution Seed is pure magic resulting in lush, weed-free turf.

Tall Fescue is Tolerant

Seed companies and grass growers love Tall Fescue varieties for their adaptability. It can grow in a variety of climates and conditions. It is well-known to be tolerant to heat, drought, cold, and shade making it a great addition to a seed blend. Another reason grass growers reach for tall fescue is that it is resistant to disease. This grass has a deep root system, grows in bunches, and germinates quickly.

Ryegrass Provides Long-Lasting Color

Ryegrass is a cold-weather grass which means it stays green long after others fade. For northern climates, this is a big advantage. Furthermore, being a cool weather seed, its growth slows during the summer making it an easy-to-care-for grass. This is a great characteristic for a range of uses. Lastly, even though tall fescue sprouts fast, perennial ryegrass germinates faster making it a great addition to seed blends.

Bluegrass is Widely Used

When used in ideal conditions, Kentucky Bluegrass is just about perfect. It grows a durable, dense, gorgeous green carpet of turf. Like other cold-weather grasses, bluegrass is tolerant of winter conditions. One reason it is used in a blend rather than choosing just bluegrass is that it does require a lot of maintenance. Mixing it with other seeds, however, makes it the ideal component.

Diversity Makes a Better Lawn

Evolution Seed in white font on banner on bottom of lush, green expanse of green lawn being mowed by 2 ride-on mowers

Lawns should never consist of just one type of lawn. For one, this makes the turf very susceptible to disease and pest damage. If your lawn is a blend of seeds, even if disease attacks one variety, the others will be unaffected. Plus, each grass provides its own beautiful color. A lawn seeded with only one type will green and brown all at the same time. A blend will not only extend color time, but adds depth to the color also. For a genetically diverse, environmentally friendly grass seed perfect for any use, buy Evolution seed today.

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