Duct Cleaning Barnegat Company Explains This Service


Almost every home has duct work of some type inside their home. Whether it is for heating or cooling, this is one area of the home that a homeowner typically can’t clean themselves. A professional duct cleaning Barnegat company, like Carlin Chimney and Duct Service is the only company that can adequately perform this service. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a bigger mess than you started with.  Many companies may offer duct cleaning services in Barnegat. This doesn’t mean, however, that every company can successfully and safely provide the service. Proper duct cleaning is so much more than sticking a vacuum on a vent. There are many safety steps that need to be followed, chemicals to avoid, and having the right equipment.

Things to Avoid

Duct cleaning Barnegat being done by worker in black hooded jacket with black gloves and face mask on

Sometimes it is easier to start with ruling things out as a way to narrow down a list of choices. When it comes to hiring a duct cleaning Barnegat company, be aware of certain businesses.  Proceed with caution with those that make grand promises of improved air quality from their duct cleaning. According to the EPA, there is no substantiated proof that this is true. That is not to say that duct cleaning can’t reduce certain odors or improve the perceived “freshness” of the air being transferred through the ducts. However, there is no evidence that this service can improve air quality to the degree of improving someone’s health.

Additionally, those companies that are not open about what chemicals or biocides they may be using should be avoided. The use of toxic chemicals is not necessary during duct cleaning. However, the company may offer sanitization services if the ductwork is neglected. It is important that every homeowner understands exactly what chemicals will be used and their associated risks. Cross any company off your list that does not freely divulge this information.

Duct Cleaning Barnegat Company Should Answer Yes to This Question

One important question every homeowner should ask a prospective duct cleaning company is if their cleaning includes the entire HVAC system. If the answer is no, cross them off the list. Proper duct cleaning should include the entire duct system, air filter, blower motor, vents and registers, as well as many other parts of an HVAC system. If a company says their service only includes the ducts themselves, they are not a true duct cleaning company. Sometimes, alternative cleaning companies, like carpet cleaning companies, make claims of duct cleaning services also. However, just attaching a vacuum to one register in the home and sucking out whatever comes out is not something you need to pay someone to do. Homeowners need to be very cautious with what company they hire for duct cleaning in Barnegat. Not all duct cleaning companies are equally qualified and trustworthy.

Duct Cleaning Service Should Include Multiple Steps

Proper duct cleaning includes many steps. Correct and complete duct cleaning should include:

  • Full inspection of the system to ensure there is no asbestos present
  • Closing off all vents and registers; Protect furniture and upholstery during cleaning
  • Use of powerful vacuum equipment, such as a Filtered Negative Air Machine
  • Use of soft-bristled rotary brushes (or similar appropriate equipment dependent on the material of the ducts)

All the dirt and debris should be directed outside or into a receptacle where it passes through a HEPA filter. Missing any of the steps could risk making not only a huge mess, but a health risk as well. If the particles being removed from the duct work is not handled properly, the entire household is at risk of respiratory sicknesses contingent upon how dirty the ducts were.

Why Duct Cleaning Barnegat is Important

An HVAC system is designed to pull-in, spread, and distribute temperature-controlled air throughout a property. This means that whatever is in the ductwork, the air comes in contact with it. Duct work often has mold and mildew inside. These irritants can worsen the symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Additionally, when an HVAC system is not properly cared for, pet dander, pests, and plain old dust and dirt can all collect in duct work. It is important for homeowners to diligently clean or replace the air filter in the furnace every three months. Only re-usable filters should be cleaned, all other filters should be replaced. An additional service that may be offered is the application of a sanitizer. This will keep the air in the home as fresh as installation day.

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